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The world's smallest advent of electric vehicles

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13 patents achievement minimum electric vehicles

Change the tradition, faded off huge body, lightly, China's famous enterprise cross-industry launch of a new generation of "secret weapon" -- scud lithium electricity high magnetic power car referrals.Mobile phone size of lithium battery, 7 kg heavy vehicle, a can ride 30 kilometers distances, and will bring China and even the whole world, the electric car of the industry reshuffle and revolution.

Can't see battery, also does not have the foot, the car zha ride?Journalists and rushed to domestic dozens of media colleague feel especially curious.It is not only in the field of electric vehicles a reform, but also a major breakthrough.

Fashion, lightweight "scud" fully comply with urban life consumption concept, the main quality technical indicators for: vehicle 7 kg, load 80 kg, 20 km/hour speed, filling a electric stroke 30 km.The car battery actually only mobile phone size, portable car, urbanite can take up and down the subway.Fashionable appearance, economy applicable body, is the city beauty big love.Scud magnetic dynamic car gained several national patents, at present, many countries at the same time to the application for patent protection.

The contribution of the breakthrough in motors, batteries, circuit management and shape structure, and realize the four big innovation: one is the disk permanent magnet motor, bedding face accumulates shell hollow out, high efficiency low voltage design.The second is the battery for lithium battery, the battery does not contain such as cadmium, lead, mercury and so on harmful metal material, in the manufacture and use of and when to give up are of no environmental pollution, joined the small dcCircuit breaker

And improve the running speed, three is manipulating magnetic remote LOGO button and controller wireless connections, non-zero start, before running out.Magnetic control remote control to realize two stage electronic speed, have key function.The fourth is structure and shape, one-piece composite material injection rim bring double gear.Single arm type front fork and motor, rim unibody design, constitute drive scheme.Frame competent built-in lithium battery, battery from open front pipe assembly.Wheel ABS anti-lock electromagnetic brake.

Its working principle from the battery to provide power, through the speed regulating hand, left brake handle, right brake handle and controller will be controlled current delivery to the motor, motor rotation, drive bike starting, acceleration, deceleration and stop, etc.Also by the body parts, batteries, transmission parts, microcomputer controller and load speed sensor component (commonly known as torque sensor) composition.Biggest advantage is safety, save electricity and easy to use.