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The selection of dc circuit breaker

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Dc circuit breaker has been more and more widely used in our life, from our survival household electricity, and daily life signal acoustics, emergency lighting extended to power plants, substations and large power system of. From our essential communication power supply extended to powerful information industry. From the dc power supply system extends to we travel the necessary urban rail transit (subway, electric locomotive, light rail, power group). Dc circuit breaker applications to the life of the small home appliance, to high-tech technology, everywhere has its trace.

Dc circuit breaker (all of the following are to TX7-63 z, for example) is used for dc system operation mode conversion or fault resection, has excellent current limiting performance, arcing advantage, can rapidly breaking dc power distribution system of fault current, can accurately protection relay protection and automatic device from overload, short circuit fault harm, etc. In this, small make up for your emphatically about the selection of dc circuit breaker.

We say that choose a product is the first condition is to understand the product, we have a look at dc circuit breaker TX7-63 z classification:

According to the main contact series can be divided into: single stage and double pole,

According to the instantaneous release can be divided into: C, D type (C type used in distribution protection, D type used in motor protection)

According to the earthing methods can be divided into: A, B and C type


When it comes to the next TX7-63 z selection principle

Generally speaking, choose dc circuit breaker, want to consider is the most important factor rated voltage, rated current, trip setting current and shunt, undervoltage tripping device voltage current basic parameters,

L, according to the dc circuit of normal load current preliminary selection of the relevant specifications and types of circuit breaker.

2, according to the dc power supply of rated voltage, grounding mode (A, B and C type) and calculating the short circuit current value, and finally determine the breaker series and connection mode. The concrete determination method is as follows:

For type A (negative grounding) system: according to the power supply voltage and computational income needs breaking of the short circuit current so as to determine positive required tandem pole, considering the negative electrode insulation isolation need to add 1 pole pick in the circuit breaker's negative.

For type B (central point grounding) system: power supply voltage will be multiplied by half get positive and negative separately on the applied voltage to the voltage and the need to breaking of the short circuit current so as to determine positive negative all needs to cascading of the breaker pole.

For C type (positive negative are not grounding) system: power supply voltage and needs breaking of the short circuit current determine the amount circuit breaker pole, (we require at least the poles to join breaking, if check pole for 1 p is changed to 2 p), will the number of poles uniform distribution in the anode were cascading.


3. Dc circuit breaker rated working voltage Ue and rated current Ie. Shall not less than line, equipment normal rated working voltage and working current or calculation current. Circuit breaker rated working voltage and on-off ability and use category are concerned, the same table circuit breaker products can have several rated working voltage and the corresponding hige capacity and use category.


For to the product, the first and most important purpose is the use of stable and reliable, and can ensure its accuracy. Above mentioned about dc circuit breaker choice is very shallow, and the concrete in the selection of time, still need to link to the reality, the concrete problem is made a concrete analysis.