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Circuit breaker longevity tips

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What did not guarantee period? The answer is: no. All items, it's having the valid period, but its service life can be controlled. This paper will share with you the breaker longevity tips.

We say that anti-ageing effective way is to how to maintain, similarly, circuit breaker longevity essence lies in daily maintenance. To TX7-63 z type dc circuit breaker as an example for you to reveal the specific how to maintenance and maintenance circuit breaker.


A, dc circuit breaker electricity before use

1. Check the load is more than breaker rating.

2. Check whether the retaining bolt tightening.

3. Check, check trip setting value is correct; Check the heat element is damaged, the gap is normal or not.

4. Check the operating mechanism each connecting rod, shaft pin, spring, etc for deformation, rust and defects, the operation is flexible.

5. Check points, switching state of lamp is correct.


Second, after installation and use

1. Check external without dust, defect. Regular blowing dust, keep the circuit breaker clean.

2. Check the contact connection conductor is overheating.

3. Monitoring automatic switch in the operation of the for abnormal sound. If found TX7-63 z dc circuit breaker owe voltage core has abnormal noise, should will work polar antirust oil wipe clean, then recoat clean antirust oil.

4. Open the enclosure check arcing cover whether the position for vibration and mobile, arcing cover without sweat and be arc burning loss trace. Soggy arcing cover should be dry processing; The surface has smoke mark and metal molten grain, can use a knife or fine file finishing strickle; Such as arcing grid tablet loss serious or arcing cover fragmentation, should be replaced immediately, lest cause phase short circuit between the accident.

5. Check the electromagnet surface for oil dirties, dust, the coil without overheating and burning phenomenon, spring rustily trace.


Three, internal examination notice:

A. circuit breaker must in disconnect position, into the line power must be cut off;

B. circuit breaker smoke mark with alcohol wipe clean, for high quality alloy contact, even if contact on the surface of small metal particles, on the performance of no effect, also need not cleared;

C. when contact damage to a lesser degree, usable fine file skiving, finishing must keep contact the original shape, for silver tungsten high quality alloy contact, if contact thickness less than 1 mm, should be replaced.


When need to open cover inspection breaker institutions and contact system, because of circuit breaker internal insulation plate, arc extinguish chamber and content easy to fall, so open cover inspection, must be carefully inventory, easy to drop one parts recovery, for small shell stand level current circuit breaker, such as common TM1-100 (CM1) molded case circuit breaker, DZ47-100/1 p (TX47) miniature circuit breaker, etc.


Finally, a point underscored storage dc circuit breaker TX - 63 z place should be moistureproof and anticorrosive, rainproof, avoid direct sunlight.