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Ac contactor CJ20-63

Ac contactor CJ20-63

Ac contactor CJ20-63   suitable   for:

AC contactor CJ20-63 is mainly used in the  working circuit of AC 50 hz or 60 hz, rated voltage 660v, Individual rating to 1140V,Current 10A to the power lines for frequent long-distance switch on and off the circuit and the AC motor control,,CJ20-63 AC contactor and suitable for the thermal relay or electronic protection device is composed of electromagnetic starter, to protect circuit or AC motor overload may occur and the phase interruption.

Ac contactor CJ20-63 series contact products comply with IEC947-4-1, GB14048.4, JB/T7435 standard which has passed the ISO9001 quality system and the 3 c authentication security system.
Ac contactor CJ20-63 specifications:
Ac contactor CJ20-63A/24VAc
AC contactor CJ20-63A/36V
Ac contactor CJ20-63A/10V、
Ac contactor CJ20-63A/127V、
Ac contactor CJ20-63A/220V、
Ac contactor CJ20-63A/380V。