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Ac contactor CJX2-09

Ac contactor CJX2-09

Ac contactor CJX2-0910 (0901) suitable for:

        AC contactor CJX2-09 is mainly used in the working circuit of AC 50 hz or 60 hz, rated voltage 660v, and in the AC - 3 use category under rated voltage for 380v rated, mainly for remote on and breaking circuit.  AC contactor CJX2-09 can plug composition electromagnetic starter with thermal relay directly , to protect the possible operation over load circuit. Ac contactor CJX2-09 also can be assembled modular auxiliary contact group, air delay head, mechanical interlocking mechanism and other accessories, composition delay contactor, reversing contactor, star triangle starter.

      Ac contactor CJX2-09 series contact products comply with IEC947-4-1, GB14048.4, JB/T7435 standard which has passed the ISO9001 quality system and the 3 c authentication security system.
Ac contactor CJX2-09 specifications:
Ac contactor CJX2-0901/24 v, 0910/24 v
Ac contactor CJX2-0901/36 v, 0910/36 v
Ac contactor CJX2-0901/110 v, 0910/110 v
Ac contactor CJX2-0901/127 v, 0910/127 v
Ac contactor CJX2-0901/220 v, 0910/220 v
Ac contactor CJX2-0901/380 v. 0910/380 v

CJX2-09 ac contactor supporting auxiliary type:
F4 (LA1) - 11, 20, 02, 22, 40, 04, 31, 13, the former number represents the Ac contactor is  representative normally open while the latter number means the Ac contactor is  representative normally closed.